Contact in distress

Phone Healthline 0800 611 116 and they will direct you to the appropriate agency.

Covid 19

There are simple steps you can take to better protect your- self and others from Covid-19. Practise good hygiene by:

  • Covering coughs and sneezes with disposable tissues or your elbow
  • Washing your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water and drying them thoroughly
  • Cleaning your hands with a hand sanitiser that has at least 60 per cent alcohol
  • Avoiding touching your face
  • Avoiding contact with people who are unwell (this includes friends and family).
  • If you’re working, consider options for working from home and make a plan with your employer.

The Unite against Covid-19 website has more information:

If you have a disability or receive support services, the Ministry of Health has guidance on preventing the spread of Covid-19. See COVID-19: Information for disabled people and their family and whānau

There are also other precautions you can take against Covid-19.

  • Stay home as much as possible and avoid crowds.
  • Avoid public transport if possible.
  • Keep a safe distance from others; two metres is the recommended physical distance.
  • Make sure you have several weeks’ worth of medication. Some medications will be limited to a month’s supply at a time.
  • Make a plan with family, friends or neighbours who may need to help you if you become sick.
  • Find more information about physical distancing at www.

By acting responsibly and uniting against Covid-19 we can all get through.

Marlborough Grey Power President is on both Grey Power’s national law and order committee and emergency management committee, and is ideally placed to offer advice to members.