Grey Power is an advocacy organisation promoting the welfare and well being of our Senior Citizens. Our mission is to be the appropiate voice for all New Zealander aged 50+ . By joining Grey Power you will have the chance to have an influence in New Zealand as the voice of many.

Our office is located at Room 19, 25 Alfred Street, Blenheim.​ You can find us in the Farmers Carpark in the corner down from Stevens.
We are open Monday - Friday 9am until 4.45pm
​March until May our hours are 10am - 3.45pm to enable the staff to renew memberships

Latest Scam warning January 2018
A member of Grey Power in New Zealand (we will call him 'John') received a phone call for help by someone with the same surname claiming to be a Grey Power member. The caller said his son's car had broken down near the town where John lived, the boy had no money on him and needed help. The caller asked if he could deposit a sum of money in John's bank account and could John withdraw it in cash from an ATM and give it to the boy who would be waiting at a given place. The caller sent John an email showing an official bank transfer document. John withdrew the money and handed it to the boy but the transfer never came through. Police are trying to trace phone calls etc. PLEASE be very careful and do not give out personal details or money to people. 


​All members of Grey Power are covered as long as they stay financial members. Click the link below to visit AIL Insurance. At the time of new membership, you would have received a yellow card to fill in. If you have been members for quite some time and never received this or you don't know what this is. Please contact us and we will try to answer any question you may have.


We would like to hear from you if you have been discharged incorrectly from hospital. The only information I require is which hospital, time of discharge, if the patient was kept informed whilst in hospital care either in a ward or the emergency department.
.co.nz and I can forward that to the Federation Chair of Health National Advisory Group. Must be in to me no later than 28th February 2018
Thank you

Government introduces new Winter Energy Payment
​"The Winter Energy Payment is an investment in Seniors and others, to help them stay healthy over the winter months," says minister for Seniors Tracey Martin. What is great, is that you do not need to apply for the payment. Everyone getting NZ Super or the Veteran's Pension will receive it automatically. The Winter Energy Payment will be paid with your NZ Super or Veteran's Pension. Payments will be made from 1st July to 30th September in 2018 and 1st May to 1st October in 2019. People who get a residential care subsidy or a residential support subsidy are not eligible for the Winter Energy Payment. For more information visit www.workandincome.govt.nz and search for 'Famililes Package'